See you in a couple of weeks!

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It gives me great pleasure to say, see you in a couple of weeks! I’m off on holiday and will be back on the 8th of March.

Where am I going? Well, I’m heading to the States. First stop, Phoenix, Arizona. Then we’ll be heading to Portland, Oregon for a week. Then back to Arizona to do the Grand Canyon. Then we’ll have a short stop-over in London to see some family and friends before we head home.

I can’t wait. The bags are all packed, except a few little things I have to pop in the suitcase after I get ready.

While I’m away the blog will mostly be quiet – but I’ve got a few things scheduled in to keep the place ticking over.

I will most likely be Tweeting and Instagramming my way through the holiday. So feel free to stalk my holidays! Can’t wait to make some new holiday memories. Belgium feels like such a long time ago.

See you in March!

(Photo by Liana Metzler, from Unsplash, edited by me.)


  1. HAVE FUN! You picked some gems to visit for sure. My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon in Portland…if you like wine, you should visit some wineries along the Columbia River Gorge! There are really pretty waterfalls along that main road (I-80?) as well.

  2. Hope you enjoy your holiday! Sounds interesting and varied. I can’t suggest what to see as I’ve not been to the US. Look forward to hearing about your experience, you’ll no doubt have some pictures to share 🙂

  3. I hope you have a great time there. i heard it’s cold in Portland at the moment ( well it’s cold all the time there actually)
    I can’t wait to see the photos and read your holiday posts! Take care and have lots of fun!!!

  4. Jealous! I hope it’s everything you expect it to be and more. Looking forward to hearing all about it upon your return. 😀

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