Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

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According to Wikipedia a souq is defined as…

A souq or souk is an open-air marketplace or commercial quarter in Middle Eastern and North African cities. The equivalent Persian term is “bazaar”.

I guess you could the Manama Souq is kind of like that. A little bit. It’s more like an area with lots of all sorts of shops selling everything from sandals to potatoes.

Back in November, we took the parentals to the Manama Souq, for them to have some sort of feel of a different side of Bahrain. And well, we wanted to have breakfast at Saffron – probably our all time favourite place to have breakfast in Bahrain.

The last few times we’ve been to the souq I haven’t taken my camera with me. Remembered to fix that this time, and took a small handful of photos while walking around.

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

Where buildings can be pink if they really want to.

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

No spitting, it’s gross.

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

Erm, is he looking at me?

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

Mum having a gander at something.

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

Narrow streets in and around the souq.

Out in Bahrain: Manama Souq

The very new, bright and shiny bit of the souq. The important bit where Saffron is.

This above shot is from the indoors new section of the souq which has a few eateries and shops inside. It’s all very bright and shiny. Quite literally.


  1. Love the shots. I love souqs in the middle east. You get all sorts of things and it’s entertaining every time you go!

  2. Hi Jaina,

    I love souks/bazaars! We have many in Kuala Lumpur too.

    I like that photo of the watch shop and the last one too.

    • Nope – went on a week day. If I was there say on a Friday evening or Saturday evening, it would have been rammed. In fact I have done that before and won’t be doing it again any time soon. Unless I have to! Ha!

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