What I've been watching: Last five films

What I’ve been watching: Last five films

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Pre-Bahrain I spent a fair amount of my weekends in Summer at the cinema. Well, maybe not weekends, but certainly a lot of Friday nights. See, I’m a sucker for blockbuster films.

Sure we get them here. But as I’ve mentioned before, films can tend to be cut. But you’re left guessing as to which films and what’s been cut. The safest thing for a film fan like myself to do is just see the film on the small screen. So while I wait for summer blockbusters, I catch up on other films.

It’s been such a long time since I mentioned anything film related on this blog. I’ve been wondering whether it fits in anymore here. But I tend to over think things. So to tell with the wondering and here’s the last five films I’ve seen. That are mostly not even recent releases.

Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer

Anish was shocked to hear that I hadn’t heard of Wet Hot American Summer, let alone seen it. With the TV show due to appear on Netflix any day (not that we have Netflix to be able to watch the show :() the issue of me never having seen this film was fixed.

It’s a funny film. Not going so far as to say hysterical, or laugh-out-loud funny. But just funny. I cracked a grin through the jokes. It’s a ridiculous film. With an even more ridiculous cast. Everyone from freaking Paul Rudd to Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler? How in the hell did they manage that?

Would totally recommend it if you like your comedy with a touch of silliness and crudeness in it. Now just need to catch up with the TV show.

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

Tear my heart out, Song of the Sea, why don’t you! Song of the Sea is an enchanting and magical story, perfectly animated with a score that will tear a hole in your heart when the time calls for it.

From the start of this film, I had a feeling I would be needing a box of tissues. And I wasn’t wrong. Anish dutifully handed me the box as he heard me sobbing through parts of the film.

I’d like to think this is the sort of animated film that’ll grab the attention of the young ‘uns as well as us oldies. But I think the oldies will get more out of it. Song of the Sea gets a big recommendation from me.

Inside Out

Inside Out

One of the few films to be seen at the cinema! As it’s an animated film – what on earth could be cut out of this one?

Inside Out reminded me of a girl I used to go to school with. With her incessant need to be happy and joyful all the time. That you can’t let that little bit of sadness because everything is happy-happy-happy all the time. I really hate people like that.

While not Pixar’s best (don’t think me crazy, but I would rank Brave above Inside Out), Inside Out has a really great message behind it. And yes, like Song of the Sea, I found myself with a tear-streaked face.



Horror films were an almost weekly thing for me. Bad ones. Good ones. I do appreciate a good scare. Mama is not a bad one. Nor is it a very good one. It dead in the centre and no one really wants to be there.

Mama is a horror film that relies cheap scare tactics (the whole loud noise, sudden camera pan or zoom into the ajar closet door). Things got very bat shit crazy towards the end. And not in the good way.

While I didn’t like the film, it felt good to watch a horror film. Oh how I missed them.

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is one of those films that make you feel incredible happy and sad by the time the credits are scrolling. Alan Turing was very cleverly portrayed in the film – while to the characters in the film he was seen as an arrogant genius, the audience watching were given a very different view of Turing. And this is what makes this film.

Astounded that the secrets of the Engima machine code-crackers was kept for so long. And that it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Alan Turing was pardoned by the Queen.

The Imitation Game is a fantastic film. One of the few brilliant biopics.

Seen any great films recently? I am always up for some recommendations! You can check out all the films I’ve seen (since 2010) right here.

Photo up top by Alex Munsell, edited by me


  1. The only film I’ve watched from this list is Mama. Same opinion as yours. Okay as a time-filler, but mostly forgettable. Really want to see The Imitation Game.

    Do the censors cut films quite badly in Bahrain?

    • Nowhere near as badly as other Middle East countries. Sometimes there might not be any cuts! But you never know what might be cut. Even if it’s just a word or a gesture.

      The Imitation Game is a great film. Extremely well paced and really enjoyed it, even if Keira’s accent wound me up a little bit!

  2. Keith & the Movies

    Wet Hot American Summer – check out those short-shorts!!! lol

    I wasn’t that taken with Mama. It was okay but it has had no lasting effect at all.

    And Inside Out, I still haven’t seen it.

    • I feel like Wet Hot American Summer might be what Super Troopers was to me. The first time it was okay, a bit of a giggle. But it took a couple of repeat viewings to really laugh out loud to Super Troopers. Such a funny, not to mention, quotable film.

      Inside Out is good. Not great. Solid. Reliable Pixar. Impatiently waiting for them to turn around The Incredible sequel.

  3. I loved The Imitation Game, and I am totally with you on the astonishment that it was such a well kept secret, and how long it took for Turing to be pardoned.

  4. I just heard about Wet Hot American Summer, so don’t feel bad! It must be a cult-following-thing. But yea, what big stars in it! Song of Sea would make me, Alan, AND J cry, I bet! Wait what? You didn’t like Brave? I thought it surprisingly good. I haven’t seen Inside Out to compare though.

    • No no no, I’d rank Brave above Inside Out! I enjoyed the heck out of Brave, a lot more than most I think.

      Song of the Sea is such a worthwhile watch. I think J would get something out of it too – such a beautiful little film!

  5. If I had to pick 1… okay, maybe 2 out of these you definitely need to see, they’d be Song of the Sea and The Imitation Game. Near flawless films.

  6. I just love Pixar films, and I bawled my eyes out at Inside Out. I can’t wait to watch the Intimidation Game, but I know I will be emotional.

  7. moviesandsongs365

    I teared up a little over Inside Out as well. Was quite startling how suitable the film is for grown ups, I’m not even sure kids would get it.

    • Perhaps the younger kids are entertained enough by the slightly sillier antics of the other emotions? But yes, there’s definitely some serious shit going on in that film that hit home for me!

      • moviesandsongs365

        Yes, the sillier aspects would amuse kids, and probably those who are 12 and over could understand the sadness issues

  8. I really wanted to see Inside Out but for some reason I haven’t yet. This needs to be rectified. And I love the sound of Song of the Sea!! Give me a film that threatens to make me cry any day. Definitely putting that on my watch list 🙂 As for Wet Hot American summer (haha) I am going to hunt down that film this weekend. With a cast like that it is bound to be funny 🙂

    • Pixar films always pass me by on their cinema releases for some reason. Usually because they’re released here months after they are in the States 🙁

      Song of the Sea is a beautiful film – really urge you to catch this one!

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