Favourite Moments of 2016

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The idea for this post started out as a “favourite photos of the year.” A post where I share my favourite photos that I’ve taken in the last year. The ones that I think are “the best”. But that felt a little boring. And in an effort to be more of a person here, I thought sharing my favourite moments would give you a bit more insight into me. It gave me an excuse to go through all my photos and to be reminded of how amazing this year has been.

It has been an amazing year and I’m grateful for every single up and down this year has offered me.

On with the photos! FYI there are a lot of them, so it may take a few seconds to load.

On a Train

As the train meandered around the coast I couldn’t take my eyes off this scenery.

Biker people

Biking in Vietnam, or navigating while sitting on the back, is definitely one of my favourite experiences of the year.

Watching the world

Sitting in a park in Saigon watching the world go by.

First-ish meal

First.. or maybe second meal in Vietnam. A little place crammed with locals. We had no idea where we were, but we sat down anyway.

Banh Mi!

That moment when you’ve tasted the most perfect banh mi.


Such a wonderful feeling being able to pick and eat what you’ve grown.


The time I did a double-take at the TV and then scrambled for my phone to take a photo of my photo being featured. Say WHAT.

Best friends

My peoples!


The moment when it hit me that I love my new job.

On a boat!

Despite living on an island it’s very rare I’m at the beach or on the sea. Love getting to see Bahrain from the ocean.

Camel farm

A breath of fresh air to see Bahrain’s greener side.


Nothing beats a family photo. Especially when you only get together once or twice a year.


Patience paid off. Patience and practice. Such a great moment to actually capture the lightning I was seeing.


There’s something about going to the market, first thing in the morning, before anyone else is about.

London Eye

Can’t be many better ways to spend your first day at a new job.


It may have been nearly 40C, but it felt good laying on a beach not having to think about anything other than where to go for dinner.

Pool thoughts

It’s the middle of April and I’m sitting on the roof of my building, by the pool, enjoying the sunshine. Happy days.


My first ever home-grown jalapeños in Bahrain. It was exciting to see them grow

Ahh friends

The things you put your friends through just to get the right shot.

Riffa Fort

Taking it all in at Riffa Fort never gets boring.

Riffa Fort again

Wonderful time just snapping a friend and his family.


Those first sips of fresh beer in Vietnam were always so good. The rest of the sips were great too.

Cham Ruins

That feeling when you’re wandering around something that’s been standing for hundreds of years.


I think it was this moment when it really hit me I was in Vietnam.

Just a beer

It was just a few beers on the beach and people watching, but it was one of my favourite moments in Da Nang.

Marble Mountains

A sweaty, hot mess is what I am here. Climbed up who knows how many steps to get to this view at the Marble Mountains in Da Nang, and it felt great getting there.


That memorable evening spent at the Water Gardens in Bahrain. I think I could have died going on this rollercoaster.

What are some of your favourite moments of 2016?


  1. Beautiful photos, Jaina. The best moments for me have been the ones similar to your shot on the beach. It’s the weekend mornings just sitting on the couch with the girls and not trying to do 100 things. There weren’t enough moments like that in 2016, so I’m hoping to take more time to recharge next year.

  2. I so love your photos. You’re amazing. I love your aesthetic and point of view, and what happy photos. You were so lucky in having a great year. Many of my friends have been complaining about what a horrible year it has been for them. And I must say mine was quite a roller coaster. But good for you, those smiles and glow, they show. May 2017 even shine brighter. xxoo

    • Thank you Lani! I could definitely have chosen to look at the darker side of my 2016. Boy were there some bad moments. But why dwell, eh? Here’s to a fab 2017 to you too! xx

  3. Keith & the Movies

    I loveeee the pics Jaina. I too had a good year but I do miss traveling. I guess I can live vicariously through your photos! 🙂 As for 2016, just wrapped up my list of the year’s best movies and started plans on a trip to the caribbean. Bring on 2017.

    • Ooo Caribbean! Have you chosen an island yet? I think you’ll have a blast!

      Gonna go check out your list now 🙂

  4. You’ve had such an exciting year! I would have absolutely flipped out at being featured on Chromecast…if I ever see one of your photos I think I’d freak out over that! So cool. I hope 2017 is just as wonderful and full of travel for you!

    • I flipped the hell out when I saw my photo. Funnily enough I started getting messages from friends and family, then randoms on the Internet, asking if it was my photo. Definitely one of my proudest moments of 2016!

      Hope 2017 brings you everything you could want out of it, Emily.

  5. Wonderful photos and a great way to summarize your year. Glad you had such a great one. I will say I am a bit envious considering the places you’ve visited, experienced and shared. Bahrain looks beautiful, and so does Vietnam.

    • Much of the travel was unplanned—Vietnam was the only trip that was planned for 2016. The rest sort of just happened. Something I’m not used to—things just happening, but slowly getting used to it.

  6. moviesandsongs365

    Think my favorite of those is the b/w Biking in Vietnam, impressed how you got that shot. You and your partner look happy in these pictures. My most treasured memory of 2016 was going to a Danish island with friends.

    • Hehe, yeah—that was a hairy one to get—selfie on a little scooter while it’s on the move. Will definitely do that again 😉

      Ooo, which Danish island did you go to?

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