Beautiful Muharraq

Beautiful Muharraq

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I‘ve already said it, and I’ll say it again—I love wandering around Muharraq taking photos of the streets, people, and buildings. There’s so much history in one tiny area.

I have yet to properly explore the countless famous old houses in Muharraq—Bin Matar House, Sheikh Isa bin Ali House, and Abdullah al Zayed House are just a few of them. Some line what used to be the famous pearling trail, and have been beautifully restored. Owned by prominent families or royalty. I guess the UK equivalent could be Nation Heritage Properties. Almost.

The part of me that loves creating lists and having that feeling of satisfaction when ticking things off lists, makes me want to create a list of all the places and things I’ve yet to do in Bahrain, and start tackling that list. The other side of me is quite happy just letting things happen when they happen. I’ll make that list anyway—a nice reminder that there’s plenty to do on this tiny island.

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