Shamal of a Weekend

Shamal of a Weekend

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The weekend has been shrouded in dust driven by one hell of a shamal. The wind was blowing so strongly on Saturday morning, the whistling it created through the balcony doors actually woke me up. My living room sounded like it was possessed.

It’s a good excuse to not venture outside. But when the fridge and pantry is empty, a trip to the grocery store is required. But then I decided to go to the roof of my building and take some photos of the dust storm covering Bahrain Because why not?

Shamal of a weekend

By day, everything looks hazy. You can taste the dust in your mouth, feel the dust particles in your nose, and—if you’re me—end up coughing to clear your lungs. Note to self: Next time, wear those face masks.

By night, the landscape all starts to look a bit Blade Runner-esque, thanks to the neon lights adorning so many of the high-rise buildings in the neighbourhood. The dust carries and holds that light giving the city a weird, eerie glow.

Bahrain through the dust

Bahrain through the dust

Here are some photos of the last time a big dust storm blew in. They’re hell on the respiratory system, but I can’t help but capture this weather in photos.

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