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Construction is everywhere. Apartment blocks, malls, offices, villas—there’s something new getting built almost everywhere on this tiny island. Even the country itself is being “built”—land reclamation is happening at a rate that’s actually hurting the natural environment. Not a happy thought.

There’s seemingly no sort of planning that goes into the building of these huge apartment blocks just like these. I’m sure there must be. But when you see once open roads and small streets get darkened by more high-rise buildings, it makes me wonder.

What’s it all for? Preparation for the future? There never seems to be a shortage of upmarket apartments in this country. And yet, they keep building them. But what do I know!

There’s a huge swathe of land that used to be part of the sea, that I can see from the balcony. I’ve watched it grow over the past (nearly) four years. It’s incredible how fast it has grown. And how one day it might, too, be filled with yet more high-rise apartment blocks. There goes my view.


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