Black and white photo of a close-up of a lampshade with shadows of blinds on one side.

A shadowy stay-at-home story (part 2)

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This isn’t as sinister as the title may suggest.

The stifling of creativity I mentioned before took me down some “dark” paths. I kept hunting for moments in time, shadows, light, and texture—those things that I miss on my day-to-day of just being at home. Trying to retrain my eyes to see the things it doesn’t usually see.

You might say I got mildly obsessed with trying to find those moments. I’d wake up and see how the light from the semi-closed blinds would hit the ceiling, walls, or doors and I’d reach for my camera or phone to capture the light.

Black and white photo of an open door into darkness.
Photo of a door open to a bathroom.
Photo of an open door into a hallway.
Photo of the inside of a walk-in closet.
Photo of a door into a dark shadow.
Black and white photo of a high contrast pattern of light and shadow.
Black and white photo of light and shadow.
Black and white photo of aloe vera shadow.
Black and white photo of high contrast light and shadow of patio furniture and astro turf.

Those short periods of time when I’d grab some “fresh” air (summer in Phoenix, in the middle of the day, fresh air feels like you’re walking into an oven) I’d stare down at the cement floor to see where the shadows were falling.

It’s been fun. And challenging. I don’t get a tonne of natural light in my apartment. The times of day where I do see some well defined shapes in the everyday is short. And my habit of regularly having the minimal number of lights on at home has confounded my husband a little bit!


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