Looking back at the start of things

Web Design

Dusk 'til Dawn

After just 11 years, my oldest and dearest domain name is going to be lost to me.

I purchased angel-btvs.co.uk back in the year 2000 for my very first website – Dusk ’til Dawn. It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fansite. It had a black background, 5 frames, JavaScript rollovers made using Adobe GoLive and a rather fetching flash movie which had music and was created using SwiSh. Oh yes, it was that good. Did I mention that the font colour was a yellow-gold colour and I’m pretty sure I used Bradley Hand ITC Regular as the font for the main body text. I believe I built it using Microsoft Frontpage too. Oh yes.

Thankfully it didn’t look like that for long. I learnt quickly, taught myself what I needed to know and that was that. Though 11 years ago, I never for once thought I’d be heading for a career in web design.

Aside from leading me down the path I’m on now, creating that one little website brought me so much more I had ever expected. I got involved in the fandom – message boards, forums, you name it. It was fun. As the fandom grew and as I got further into it I made some friends. Some friends, I’m happy to say, I’m still very much friends with now.

In a few days, angel-btvs.co.uk will be no more. I’m letting the domain name lapse. When I received the email telling me that the domain name will be lapsing into obscurity and away from my grasp I didn’t think much of it. After a few hours, it sunk in. The website’s been more or less dead, but still online, for over a year. But in just a few days it will most definitely be gone. I thought it deserved some sort of remembrance here.

So long DTD – you were good to me and I learnt a lot from you. Thank you.