30 day black & white challenge: The End

30 Day Challenge, Photo Challenges

My 30 day photo challenge is over. Feels like I’ve been doing this for longer than 30 days. And I managed to miss a few days due to sheer lethargy and laziness. Well, here’s what I managed on my final week:

30 day: Veg 30 day: Shower Curtain 30 day: Vikings! 30 day: Ornament 30 day: Happy Halloween!

I have to admit that it’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be. Considering I managed to do a 365 project last year with relative ease. 30 days seemed to be a lot harder, even with a theme of black and white.

I did learn that black and white isn’t all that easy to do. Black and white photos are all about the contrast and light. Without either, you’ve got a fairly flat and dull photo. Well, from my perspective. I could be totally wrong there.

I’m going to give a daily photo a break for now. I’ll keep carrying my camera with me, but not have the pressure or needing to take a photo. Be nice to take some colour photos now.

You can find all of my photos for this challenge on my flickr.

If anyone fancies throwing another subject for me to do another 30 day challenge some time later, please do! It’d be great to have try something thought up by someone else.