Yes, I still like going shopping with my mum


Last Friday I took a lovely, leisurely day off work and took my credit card and my mum out shopping. Yes. My mum. I’m 27 years old (jeez!) and I really do like going shopping with my mum, and felt this time I needed to go shopping with her as well.

Why? I’m stuck in various ruts at the moment. Clothing being one of them. I tend to go shopping on my own. As such, I come back with bags full of stuff. But said stuff usually all looks the same. Stuff that I feel safe buying and wearing. I don’t have anyone to ask about any of the clothes I just think about trying on, let alone buying.

My mum’s a little bit brilliant that way. She’ll grab some things which I wouldn’t have even looked at and get me to try it on. And also will tell me straight if anything looks hideous when I do try things on.

It’s highly likely I just need someone else to go shopping with. But I trust my mum. Also, it’s highly probable that if anyone but my mum told me to try on something which I thought wasn’t my thing I’d give them a blank faced NO.

So, thanks mum! I’ve got some nice, new, different clothes. I’ve done a wardrobe purge and got rid of random items I just never wear. I should be set for the year now! Maybe. Hopefully.

(Side note: Finally found a pair of slim fitting/skinny jeans which actually fit and don’t make me feel like a blob! That was the biggest win of the day. H&M was where it was at. In fact, all my new jeans were from there. They do lengths! Different lengths!)