What better way to admit a secret than to write a guest blog about it?

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(I should have made sure I had something film related up top here. But I forgot. And, well, haven’t seen a film in a few days. So instead… here’s me plugging myself and Fogs’ Movie Reviews.)

Today I make public a little secret that I’ve kept within close family and friends for a while. What better way is there to reveal a personal secret than writing a guest post for Fogs’ Movie Reviews!

I think I’ve admitted it fairly nonchalantly. Like I’ve just said it in passing. Which I pretty much have.

So there you go. I am an online dater. I have been for longer than I’m currently willing to admit. Maybe I’ll admit it further down the line. Safe to say – it’s a long time. Well, on and off.

Why? Why did I feel the need to wade through a sea of crazies to see if I could find the mythical ‘one’? In a nutshell. Though without the use of the words ‘mythical’ and ‘one’.

Many years ago I had the idealistic thought that I’d finish school, head to uni, fall madly in love with someone at uni, get a great steady job and then be married and be sorted by the time I was 24. (I was using the age my mum got married as a guideline.)

HA! I am currently HA-ing at past me. Past me had no idea what future me was in for.

As you may suspect, I’m still wading through the sea of crazies. It’s not too bad. I’m a sensible girl and will not go to a quiet, dark place with a guy who’s clearly an axe maniac. I’ve met a lot of guys through it. Had a few good evenings. A good amount of free drinks and meals too. I’ve got some confidence, in that I know I can meet a (more-or-less) stranger and not feel too awkward or anxious. I have also learnt that I can bullshit with the best of them. A skill I’m proud to have and yet scared to use.

Though confidence has taken somewhat of a dive as I am still wading through the sea of crazies. (I should stop calling them that.)

Go go have a read of what I done wrote. It’s not literary genius, but it’s hopefully a little amusing. And a little insight into a couple of my dates.

The secret’s out on the interwebs! I might come to regret this day. Oh well. That’s future me’s problem.


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