When you don’t have to take photos


When you don't have to take photos

Do you ever have those moments where you wished you’d taken your camera, but then also know, that would have been a terrible mistake?

See on Saturday there was this big engagement ceremony/do type thing. It was awesome. So much fun. Everyone getting all dressed up. Seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time. Dancing so hard that two days later your legs still feel wobbly. (That could just be my lack of fitness.) It was a very fun, very memorable day.

I was umming and ahhing about taking my camera. With my 35mm. Nothing else. Just to get some nice photos. But I left it behind. Opted to rely on my phone for photos instead. A big part of me regrets it. All I’ve got are some grainy not-so-great photos. The kind of one’s that ‘will do’.

However the other part of me is reminding me that had I taken my camera, with no bag, I’d have been worrying about it the whole time while I was off dancing. Carrying it around. And probably would have seen the whole event through the lens rather than my eyes.

Sure I’ve only got some so-so phone photos to remember the day, but I’ve got some brilliant memories. Sometimes, you have to leave that camera behind.

(The few photos I did take can be seen here!)