Soundtrack Pick: Interstellar

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Interstellar Soundtrack

Simply knowing that a Christopher Nolan film is being scored by Hans Zimmer is enough to get me a little excited. The Interstellar soundtrack is my new The Dark Knight Rises. It’s been playing on repeat since I saw the film. (Following my rule of not listening to a soundtrack until I’ve seen the film.)

My absolute favourite thing about this score from Hans Zimmer? Those organs! I’m not usually a fan of organs – they come across too strong and kill the mood the rest of the music is setting.

Not only do they sound great here but, and I might be over thinking things here, it feels like they’ve been used for a reason. What with Interstellar being a film about faith and organs inextricably linked to church music. Now I’ve not been in a lot of churches, but I do remember there being an organ. (Check me out trying to be all insightful.)

So what’s my track pick from the Interstellar soundtrack? Too many great ones to choose from. Message from Home and Mountains are definitely a couple of my top tracks. It’s track 13, Coward, that I always come back to.

Just after the 3 minute mark, all the while there’s been a slow and hella creepy build, those organs that I love so much on this soundtrack make their entrance, and I just get goosebumps all over. All of the drama and tension of that moment in the film is right here.

I’ll be listening to this album for a very, very long time to come. With a box of tissues at hand. Simply listening to this one can make me cry. How silly!

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