Look at all the new toys! Getting to grips with a new laptop and the Nexus 7


In the last couple of weeks some new tech has landed in my lap. Well, when I say landed, I mean it was ordered and eventually delivered. It didn’t land in some magical way. Sadly.

Firstly, maybe less exciting, is my new laptop. The smallest laptop I’ve ever had. Yet, it’s still a 15″-er. A beautiful Dell XPS 15z. Which I so nearly didn’t get thanks to some idiotic UPS delivery man.

Shiny, new and it’s got wings

Dell XPS 15z

My fantastic new life saving machine.

I should have moved to the cloud


Seriously people, back the heck up out of your computer. You don’t know when things are going to go tits up.

One day you’re casually backing up your laptop on the off-chance that the hard drive might get a bit screwy when the thing goes in for repair because the AC adaptor socket’s cracked. The next day your laptop is screwed.

Well, screwed might be a bit over dramatic. There’s a hardware fault in it. Processor, motherboard. Thankfully not the hard drive. Which my very helpful and patient brother helped to fish out of the laptop, but it in a different casing and I’m currently grabbing everything I can off of it and putting it onto my old laptop. Which I’m also grateful for still keeping!

It is so bloody easy to keep things backed up these days what with Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and oodles more places. I know why I didn’t. I was just lazy. Also, in the back of my mind I was just thinking, ‘Nothing’s going to happen. It’ll be fine. Until I need a new laptop.’. I need to stop thinking like that.

This laptop fuck up has messed with my work a little bit. I was on a roll and working on a couple of different website designs. Now? Well, it’s going to have to go on hold until I get this laptop in shape. Feck. It’ll take at least a week to get the AC adaptor crack sorted and then don’t know how long they’ll need to investigate the other hardware issues.

So things on my blog are, more than likely, to be a bit more quiet. Well, least until I can sort things out.

I’m thinking I should really get a 1TB networked hard drive and just have everything on there. Be so much smarter! And today was meant to be a happy day – I finally got a decent broadband connection with my fancy fibre optic!

Notice to my Bitizens!


I feel like I need to apologise to my Bitizens in my Tiny Tower. Sorry for not just neglecting you, but completely forgetting about you. You see there’s a new game in my life. It’s not new new, but new for the wonderful world of Android.

Yes, Bitizen E. Cunnigham and Steve Vargas, I have got sucked into the wonderful world of Plants vs. Zombies. Protecting my house from Disco Zombie and Screen Door Zombie has become a whole lot more important. Yes, even more important than re-stocking my Mapple Store.

There goes my Christmas! And battery life…

RIP Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs RIP

While I’ve never succumbed to Apple’s Macs, iPods or iPhones, I know that without any of these devices we wouldn’t have some of the non-Apple tech we have today. Steve Jobs’ Apple pushed everyone to their limits.

More importantly, without Steve Jobs, we wouldn’t have had Pixar. And for that I’m truly grateful.

Buying tech gifts for techy people


A month before my brother’s birthday I was trying to figure out what to get him. He loves his gadget-y things, like me. (I think that’s actually where I get it from.) He bought his first piece of real estate this year and I thought about getting something for his new place. But then, on your birthday, you sometimes want something just for yourself, right?

Out of all my ideas I thought, Kindle. It’s something he’s dropped a few hints about since I got mine. And it’s a chance to get one more person on the Kindle bandwagon I’m riding on right now.

I ordered his Kindle on September 21st and what gets announced on September 28th? Amazon’s brand new Kindle. The first thought that came to mind was – CHARMING.

New Amazon Kindle

However, having read a little bit more about the new Kindle, I’m feeling a little bit more at ease with my choice of gift purchase.

  1. There’s no keyboard. Whilst I don’t use my keyboard much on my Kindle, I am wondering how the onscreen keyboard combined with having to tap your way, using the arrow pad, to your preferred letter will work.
  2. It’s got a shorter battery life. I think since I bought my Kindle in July, I’ve had to charge it twice. Maybe three times.
  3. Smaller storage space. I am nowhere near to filling up my 4GB of space. But I always feel comforted to know that I have all of that to fill.

Fair enough the technology under the hood is probably better. I’m assuming they’ve been working on tweaking the e-Ink technology, so it’s even better than it is. Also it’s cheaper.

The UK’s not getting the Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire… yet. I’m guessing Amazon are going to test the waters with that in the USA first. So it’s only a matter of time.

What does this teach me? I can’t keep up with new tech, no matter how hard I try. There’s always a good reason to not have brand new tech. A Kindle is awesome, no matter which one you have.

I just hope my brother sees it my way!