Project 365: January 2015

Project 365: January 2015

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Project 365

At the start of this year’s 365 project I was wondering whether consecutive 365’s was a wise idea. After all, I’m still doing the same routine I had for most of last year. It’s definitely going to be more of a challenge this year. But hey, I’ve got to try it. And I’ve learnt a lot since completing the last one.

January’s been all about recovering from Christmas and New Years, in every meaning of the phrase. Don’t get me wrong – I had a fantastic holiday season, but it was exhausting! Getting too old for that shit? Perhaps. Maybe just in short bursts.

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Highlights for the month? Checking out the farmers’ market in Budaiya is definitely one of them. Otherwise, it’s been a very quiet month.

Any one else doing a 365 project this year? How did your first month go?


  1. As always, nice photos Jaina. 6th Jan is my favourite. Looking at your photos makes me want to take out my dusty Nikon camera and shoot. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried this time and again, but I just have such a problem with keeping to “every day” things.

    • It is tricky, but once you get going and get into the rhythm and routine of taking a photo a day – any photo – it becomes the norm. Sort of!

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