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A big part of me wishes I could stick to some sort blogging schedule. Mid-week updates. Friday updates. Beginning of the week updates. Anything. But, they’d be a bit pointless. My every day life isn’t interesting enough to be blogging about.

This random mid-week update is brought to you with something that is definitely more interesting that the everyday routine. I’m off to Portugal tonight! I’ve got 10 hours of flying to get me to Lisbon with another couple of hours in the car to get me home. Well, mum and dad’s home.

This trip to Portugal’s a bit impromptu. See, I’ve been invited to speak at an Mediapost’s Email Insider Summit in Portugal. I remember seeing emails about this conference, thinking how great it’d be to be able to go seeing as it’s only half an hour away from mum and dad. And now I’m going!

So I’m fitting in a few days with the olds, then conference time, followed by one more day with the olds, before heading back home to Bahrain. I’ve been itching to go to Portugal this year. Last year was the first year I hadn’t been to Portugal. Since I was about 6 months old. I’m 30. That is quite some stretch.


Is it wrong that I might be more excited about seeing this girl than I am about seeing my folks?

While I’m looking forward to a couple of days r’n’r with the folks, I’m also shitting myself about speaking at this conference. Not only is it my first conference, it’s the first time I’m speaking. Cue big time nerves! But I’m also excited. Excited about talking email with other people in the industry. Get to wear my #emailgeeks hat proudly and loudly.

Sadly, A can’t come with on this occasion. Though he needs to come to Portugal at some point, work has him tied up.

I’m all packed up and ready to go. Well, almost. The packing king that he is, A did my packing for me. Think I can say, I’m pretty damn lucky in that respect! Just a few knickknacks along with this laptop that need to be slung in a bag.

Going to attempt to be a good blogger and be diligently Instagramming my way through my little trip and break away from Bahrain. It’ll be nice to get out of the heat! (It’s basically 40 degrees C every day here)


  1. You’ll be fine speaking. There’s always the risk of a little presentation perspiration, but by the time you get up to speak you’ll forget about the nerves and just go with it.

    How long are you speaking for? I’ve spoken for 12 minutes generally at conferences and it’s usually over before you blink and the next person is already half way through theirs by the time you’ve got your breath back. The longest I’ve spoken for is 40 minutes and even that flew by.

    Sounds like your more excited than nervous anyway. Enjoy.

    • I don’t know how long I’ll be speaking – I’ll be speaking as part of a panel. So I guess that’ll be easier. Also guessing that it’s going to be very much a Q&A sort of session with the floor and other speakers on the panel. Something different.

      Definitely got those excited nerves. Glad I have a couple of days to relax before hitting up the conference.

  2. So happy that you’re moving on up in the world Jaina, and it’s finally getting to see your talents!

  3. How exciting about the panel – you’ll do fine. Just remember that you know what you’re talking about, otherwise you wouldn’t shoul been invited!

    Say hello to your parents for me! And Cody of course. ????

      • Apparently dog emojis are untranslatable for WordPress?

        Excited about the panel – hope I know my shit as well as they think I do. And as well as I think I do! Unfortunately it’s one of the last panels of the entire conference – I’d rather it have been one of the first, so I could get it done with! Ha!

  4. Wishing you a great trip to Portugal! Congratulations on being invited to speak at the summit.

  5. have a safe and exciting trip to Portugal. I’m very sure you would do great as a speaker! Looking forward to yoir instagram photos šŸ™‚

  6. Wow, you’re invited to speak at a conference, how very exciting!! Good luck! You’ll do great. You have lots of knowledge to share :). And of course you’re excited to see your pup!!! Can’t wait to see all the photos from the trip!

    • Thanks for the luck Lisa! I’ll be sure to write about my experiences at the conference and of course holiday soon! Still trying to get “back to normal” post holiday!

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