The post with which I offend a bunch of parents


You know I said you’d probably be hearing more from me on my blog after I left my job? That didn’t really work out. I’ve been busy! However not busy with what I thought I would be.


See it’s been my first week of looking after my little Cody on my own. And I have a feeling I’m going to offend a few parents out there with what I’m going to write! Thing is, I’m about to compare looking after Cody to having kids. Hear me out.

  • I’ve been getting up earlier than I did when I went to work while looking after Cody because she’s up. Kids do that, right?
  • I have to spend my time tiring her out so she has her nap in the morning and afternoon.
  • She likes to bother me while I’m on the laptop in the study while actually working.
  • Cody likes to remind me that I need to remember to feed her. Not that I’ve forgotten, but she still feels the need to remind me.
  • No matter how much I clean up after her, the place turns into a mess five minutes later.
  • In the evenings, after having some food, Cody’s so tired she’s a bit over active and I need to tell her to go to her bed to go to sleep. I’m fairly certain I did that as a kid.

Parents out there, tell me there are some similarities here. Oh and sorry if I have offended!