Project 365: 2014 – January

Project 365

Project 365: January 2014

One month into my project: 365 for 2014 and it’s been … okay. In the sense that I haven’t struggled. Happily taking photos on my phone instead feeling the need to have to take them with my camera. Oh and I forgot a day and didn’t freak out. Win, right?

January’s been a busy month. Getting back from Bahrain, the parents are over, busy preparing things for a holiday in March. Lots to do. Though that doesn’t mean there are no mundane shots. Fear not, I’ve remembered to do plenty of those!

Here’s January’s lot:

February is going okay so far. The day that I mentioned I forgot, was a February day. Ah well. It’s lacking a few days anyway. Perfect logic, right there.

14 thoughts on “Project 365: 2014 – January

    1. Never know what face to put on for those passport photos. I look TERRIBLE when I’m not smiling. I look bloody miserable in my actual passport.

  1. Nice mix of colors, angles, and situations. Well-done! What’s with the dog wearing the headscarf, just messing around? Also, that board game is quite beautiful to look at, without even playing the game-which is?

    1. Yeah, I tend to put random items of clothing on Cody, just because I can. She’s so blasse about it all!

      The board game is Settlers of Catan – fantastic game, never get tired of it.

  2. …Haha…I also took a very similar photo of my laptop. It was the moment I realised the 365 days of photos wasn’t working for me.

    Love that pic in the train station and your steak and chips looks delicious! 🙂

    1. Cheers Dan!

      Yeah, 365 is tricky. I’ve missed a couple of days here and there if it really is that difficult to figure out what to snap. No pressure attitude is working for me so far!

    1. I’m using Jetpack and it’s just part of the programming for the gallery feature. As long as you have a caption for the photo.

      Missed a couple of other days this month.. Oh well, no one biggie!

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