Project 365: January 2015

Project 365: January 2015

Project 365

At the start of this year’s 365 project I was wondering whether consecutive 365’s was a wise idea. After all, I’m still doing the same routine I had for most of last year. It’s definitely going to be more of a challenge this year. But hey, I’ve got to try it. And I’ve learnt a lot since completing the last one.

January’s been all about recovering from Christmas and New Years, in every meaning of the phrase. Don’t get me wrong – I had a fantastic holiday season, but it was exhausting! Getting too old for that shit? Perhaps. Maybe just in short bursts.

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Highlights for the month? Checking out the farmers’ market in Budaiya is definitely one of them. Otherwise, it’s been a very quiet month.

Any one else doing a 365 project this year? How did your first month go?

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    1. It is tricky, but once you get going and get into the rhythm and routine of taking a photo a day – any photo – it becomes the norm. Sort of!

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